Giorgi Stankovski

With a passion for creative graphic design and a dedication to promoting opportunities for young people, Gjorgji Stankovski is part of the National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility from the Republic of North Macedonia.

With over two years of experience in the Europass and Euroguidance center, Gjorgji has been an integral part of the visibility team, organizing various events and conferences aimed at raising awareness and understanding of the Erasmus+ priorities. Through his dedication, Gjorgji works with young people, empowering them with the tools and resources they need to enhance their job prospects.

In 2022, he was National Coordinator for the European Year of Youth in North Macedonia, coordinating the events throughout the country.  He is also part of the MTG3 Euroguidance group “Information Provision and Communication”. Gjorgji deeply understands the Erasmus+ priorities and passionately works towards enabling young individuals to have brighter job prospects by promoting the benefits of the Erasmus+ programme and the European educational networks.